As I traversed these tropical mountains, me and my family came across a clearing of trees, easily visible from a distance. Inside of it sat a stone impression of a dinosaurs footprint, several hundred meters in size. Time had taken its toll on this earthly deformation, as through the centuries, small streams of water had cut away from the rock, creating cavernous openings within the indents of its toes. I proceeded towards it with caution.

I approached the mouth of a cave. I could make out a large room with a ceiling several hundred feet tall, light columns piercing through the darkness where smaller openings had been made overhead. I fall in without the ability to climb out, only to find that the floor is damp, consisting of moist earth in massive piles, providing shelter to an assortment of reptilian monsters.

They sense my presence.

My family cries out to me, only recently aware of the mortal deed that I have committed. There is no escape. I struggle hopelessly to escape; at first from the imprisonment of the cave, but shortly after from the jaws of an albino crocodiles mouth.

The bright light of morning welcomes me to my afterlife as I arise from my bed.